DONNY CATES (Thanos, Thor, Venom, God Country) and RYAN STEGMAN (Venom, Absolute Carnage, King in Black), along with Ethan S. Parker, and Griffin Sheridan behind the camera make up the powerhouse team behind KLC Press! This is their playground for developing creator owned comics, publishing, entertainment, and all sorts of products... unshackled from the confines of big corporations.

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DONNY CATES & RYAN STEGMAN, along with John J. Hill, make up the creative powerhouse team behind KLC PRESS! This is their playground for developing creator owned comics & products... unshackled from big industry comics.

Ryan Stegman

Artist for Marvel Comics, VENOM, ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, and SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. My podcast: My YouTube channel:

Griffin Sheridan

rambling for the aliens.